About Us


We work hard, and we work smart, probably like you.  We believe in learning how we can be the most valuable to you.  That answer is usually about dollars and sense, not just money.

We are a small real estate team that specializes in helping people (and companies) create the experiences that they want.

We are in this business because we love helping individuals and their family navigate through the multi-layered complexities of this major decision.  Our clients are never a means to a business end.

We also know how Boulder has changed over the last 20 years, for better and for worse.  We know how neighborhoods feel not just what you can see on a map.  We know trail traffic and lesser traveled routes in the hills.  We probably know a little too much about the craft breweries.  We also know the communities around Boulder and that their offerings appeal more to some people.

We are deeply grateful for our Boulder community and genuinely hope that we have the opportunity to know and help you and your family thrive.