Giving Back

We live in a world with a lot of suffering, in our own communities, our country and around the world. In the face of such harsh realities, many of us feel powerless to do much.

The practice of real estate usually feels pretty far from helping with these issues.

To bridge this gap, PriceFox Group weaves repairing the world into the fabric of what we do.

We call it the Hearts, Heads & Hands Initiative.  We talk with every client about giving back to others and hope that you will join us.

Why Hearts, Heads & Hands?

price fox realty heart initiative


Healing the world starts with feeling the world. A deeply feeling heart is a well-calibrated compass for heading in the right direction.  

price fox realty head initiative


We are smart.  All of us. The challenge lies in using our intelligence as a tool for making the world a better place for everyone.

price fox realty hands initiative


Little happens in this world without hands. If our own hands aren’t doing the repairs that we most care about, we can often support other people who are doing that work directly.


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